Discover Oral Mysteries Through Dental Exams and Cleaning

Regular dental exams and cleanings are crucial for optimal oral health. It helps identify dental problems, prevents diseases, or halts their progression. These procedures ensure your teeth and supporting structures are in a healthy state. 

The Denver, CO dentist spreads awareness about the need for regular dental exams and professional cleanings. 

Why is a dental exam important?

Dental exams evaluate your oral cavity to help prevent dental problems and identify diseases at an early stage to provide appropriate treatment. This will include the following:

  • Identification of dental caries 
    • Special dental instruments like probes will be used to check for caries on the tooth surfaces. 
  • Evaluation of gum and the underlying bone 
    • Your gums and the bone surrounding your teeth will be evaluated to check for signs of periodontal disease like bleeding gums, gingival pockets, and tooth mobility. 
  • Assessing the condition of the existing restorations
    • Your dentist will evaluate the existing fillings for secondary infections and dental crowns for their fit. 
  • Evaluation of dental X-rays
    • X-rays are excellent diagnostic tools to detect dental caries, tumors, and bone loss and help to determine the tooth and root position. 
  • Oral cancer screening
    • Your dentist will physically examine your face, lips, tongue, throat, and gums for any early signs of cancer.

What is the role of professional cleanings in dental care?

Professional cleanings help eliminate plaque, bacteria, and calculus. These procedures prevent or halt the progression of gum disease. 

These include the following:

  • Plaque removal 
    • Plaque is a sticky material that forms a thin film on tooth surfaces. It consists of bacteria, food debris, and saliva. The bacteria produce toxins that damage and inflame the gums, causing periodontal disease. 
    • Dental cleanings effectively remove plaque through ultrasonic scalers. 
  • Eliminating calculus
    • Calculus is the hardened form of plaque that has been left behind on the tooth surface.
    • Regular brushing and flossing cannot eliminate calculus; thus, it requires removal through special ultrasonic instruments.
  • Final teeth polishing 
    • Specialized rubber cups and paste will be used to remove stains that are otherwise not removed through brushing and scaling. 

Bottom Line 

Dental exams and cleaning are critical for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Regular visits to your dentist help detect tooth problems or prevent the disease progression. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), you are advised to visit your dentist every 6 months for a dental exam and professional cleaning. This enhances your overall oral health and rejuvenates your smile.

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