The Advantages Of Buying Health Insurance In Kerala

The state of Kerala is famous for its excellent health infrastructure. People come to this state for its Ayurvedic medical treatment facilities and specialised hospitals for quality medical care. The government also plays a significant part in controlling the spread of disease and providing treatment for communicable and non-communicable diseases through government-run hospitals.

Health insurance in Kerala is an essential resource today. People lead more hectic, high-stress lifestyles, making them more susceptible to falling ill. Furthermore, with the advent of Covid-19, it has become abundantly clear just how important one’s health truly is.

Why You Need Health Insurance In Kerala

People living in large metropolitan cities lead stressful lives, which makes them more prone to developing lifestyle-related disorders like obesity, musculoskeletal problems, sleep issues, etc. If left untreated, these can become fatal. These conditions also require regular treatment or medication to be cured. All of this is not cheap.

Getting Kerala health insurance is one effective and smart way to protect your hard-earned savings from being depleted by the constant barrage of medical expenses. Additionally, people with pre-existing health conditions and chronic illnesses are more at risk of falling ill when combined with an unhealthy lifestyle.

Lastly, families spend large amounts of money on treating even minor ailments or injuries, which can put undue stress on their finances. This is why having health insurance in Kerala is essential. It provides a safety net in these situations. A health policy from Tata AIG can make you eligible for health insurance tax benefits. So it’s worth looking into.

The Advantages of Getting Health Insurance Plans In Kerala

Here are some advantages you can get from the best health insurance in Kerala:

  • Affordable Health Care Services And Treatments

Most health insurance companies in Kerala offer flexible payment methods to their clients for their insurance premiums. They also provide several plans in almost any budget range. This allows you to avail healthcare services and treatments at more affordable rates.

Depending on the health policy, you can also choose cashless treatment in case of emergencies or sudden hospitalisation. With most plans, you also get lifetime renewability and annual health checkups for free or at discounted rates in network hospitals.

  • Customisable Plans

You also have the option to choose from many types of health insurance plans. For example, you can choose a family floater plan to insure yourself and your family members. You can also easily add newer members to this type of plan in the future.

If you want only to insure yourself, you can go for an individual plan. Anyone over 50 – 60 years can opt for health insurance for senior citizens. This option to customise your plans to your needs plays a massive role in maintaining your finances and saves you money in the long run.

  • More Coverage With Add-Ons

A lot of insurance companies will also offer several add-ons to their clients. These add-ons provide additional coverage for specific illnesses or conditions. For example, health insurance providers will provide critical illness covers for terminal diseases, personal accident covers, maternity covers for pregnant women, etc.

For a slightly higher premium, these add-ons can provide additional coverage at a cost-effective rate. These come in handy when certain illnesses or treatments aren’t covered under your plan and help you maximise your coverage.

  • Wellness Benefits

Some of the best health insurance in Kerala will provide wellness benefits to its policyholders. A wellness benefit is a built-in feature or add-on for health insurance plans available in the form of redeemable points. These points can be used to utilise healthcare services at heavily discounted rates. For some plans, if you collect enough points, you can even use services at a 100% discount rate.

These points are awarded to policyholders who clear certain health benchmarks the insurance provider sets. Simply put, the insurance provider incentivises and rewards you for leading a healthy lifestyle.

  • Tax Benefits

As previously stated, health insurance plans make you eligible for tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. So you, as the policyholder, get the dual benefit of medical coverage and a tax benefit. This can be availed under Section 80D through the premiums you pay towards your policy.

This is especially beneficial for senior citizens because they can claim a higher amount and save on their taxes!


Health insurance plans in Kerala are well worth considering if you reside within the state. As you know, medical treatments, medications, hospitalisation, and other related expenses are nowhere near cheap, especially if you live in a metropolitan city. A health policy is always a good idea, so consider looking into one if you don’t have one already.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Which is the best health insurance policy in Kerala?

The best health insurance policy in Kerala will be tailored to suit your needs. So when looking for health insurance plans, look into add-ons and maximising other benefits available under the plan so you get adequate coverage.

  • How can I get government health insurance in Kerala?

You can apply directly through the Kerala Government’s official website.

  • How to register for health insurance in Kerala?

You can register either through the Kerala Government’s official website, by contacting the insurance provider directly, or through an insurance company’s official website.

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