Understand the Background of Different Cannabis Plant Types

Society still has it say about cannabis, especially because people abuse its consumption. Cannabis plants are of different types and their consumption is not limited to recreation use, but research has proved it beneficial to medical users, too. Surprisingly, these notorious plants even have multiple industrial uses.

New cannabis growers need to consider many things beyond the type of cannabis strain like environment, necessary tools, grow indoor or outdoor, tending, and nurturing. The best cannabis flower in Glendale is made available on Arizona Organix, but you can even get to know about the specific effects of the different strain types.

Let’s understand the Cannabis plant background based on its –

  • Strain types
  • Genders
  • Seed types

Cannabis strain types

Cannabis is categorized under substance III, but many people are unaware that there are hundreds and hundreds of hybrids besides the main types of Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis. Each type is different!

  • Sativa – Plants are tall & lean, leaves are narrow in the shape of a fan, and buds are less dense and feathery. The effects produced are energetic, intoxicating, and so recommended for day-time use.
  • Indica – Plants are short, leaves are wide, and buds are dense. The effects are relaxing with a body buzz experience, so recommended for night-time use.
  • Ruderalis – The shortest bushy plant with broad leaves and thick stem. They have a very low level of THC and CBD, so they are regarded as useless for consumption. For breeders, Ruderalis is valuable as it helps in developing new hybrids that contain Indica and Sativa genetics. It can even produce auto-flowering seeds.
  • Hybrid – It’s a cross-breed between Indica and Sativa plant. The baby plant can be either a Sativa-dominant or Indica-dominant. Plant genetics will play a huge role in product effect. Think hybrids as people of mixed ancestries.
  • Hemp – It is grown from Sativa and has very low THC [0.3%] and used in the food, beverage, fuel, cosmetics, fabric, paper, carpeting, and many such industries.

Cannabis genders

  • Male plant – The only purpose of a cannabis male plant is to produce seeds otherwise they have to be removed or the female plants will start producing seeds instead of flowers.
  • Female plant – Female plants are valuable and the cannabis world is thriving because of her. It produces seeds and buds.
  • Hermaphrodite plant – The plant has both female and male reproductive organs. Used to produce feminized seeds.

Seed types

  • Regular seeds – It can produce both male and female plants. The grower may even end up growing all male plants.
  • Feminized seeds – These seeds are the best choice for home growers. All plants will certainly be females.
  • Auto-flowering seeds – Plants are aware when they need to start flowering. Breeders can plant them any time of the year as it starts to flower on the basis of timing.

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