What we know about Delta 8 THC

Cannabidiol (CBD), is only one of the cannabis cannabinoids found in hemp. Many cannabinoids have chemical similarities. These chemically related substances share many characteristics, including health benefits. They are all different and each compound has its own effects on your health.

It is not uncommon for the industry to look for chemically similar compounds. Although chemically related compounds might have similar properties, each compound may offer unique benefits. Take the beta-lactams, which are antibiotics. The discovery of penicillin was the beginning. However, there are many antibiotics that are superior to penicillin such as ampicillin and amoxicillin.

There is an increase in demand for substances that are related to delta 9 THC (regular HHC), which is a banned substance. It is addictive and causes euphoria. It may also be useful for certain conditions, such as anxiety and panic, but it is not addictive. Can delta 8 THC be considered as a safer, legal alternative?

What is Delta 8?

Some groups have noticed a sudden rise in popularity for Delta 8. People are looking for something with the same quality as regular THC but with better safety profiles.

Delta 8 has a chemical structure that is very similar to delta 9 with only minor differences. The molecule is smaller and more potent than its brother, delta 9 THC. Both forms of THC can be used, but it is important to remember that they are both THC. However, people usually refer to THC as delta 9 and not 8.

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