A Guide To Cannabis Edibles: Advantages, Cons And Other Aspects

There are various ways to consume medical marijuana – vaping, topicals, tinctures, smoking, and edibles. While it is a matter of personal choice, many users believe that edibles do have a few advantages, especially when compared to smoking. Smoking cannabis will offer similar effects, but smoking itself has many risks. In this post, we take a look at the pros and cons of cannabis edibles.

Benefits of cannabis edibles

A lot of medical marijuana users don’t like vaping and smoking. Edibles are suited for most patients, including seniors and children. Edibles are available in varied forms. From cookies and crackers to cakes, chocolates, and fresh bakes, you can have cannabis edibles in any form you like. The strength of edibles is labeled clearly, and even when you don’t have exact details, you can choose to go slow and see how cannabis works in your body. Cannabis edibles can be consumed discreetly, which is another advantage. In fact, in most states in the US where medical cannabis is legal, you are not allowed to smoke publicly, but consuming edibles is not illegal. However, please check state laws before having anything in public.

If you have muscular pain, inflammation and appetite issues, cannabis edibles are a better choice, because the effects last longer, often for as long as six to eight hours.

On the flip side

Probably the biggest downside of edibles is the delayed onset of effects. It may take considerable time to feel the benefits and high of marijuana, which is a bummer considering tinctures and topicals get absorbed in the body immediately. Also, most inexperienced users have a hard time understanding the dosage. In case of tinctures, you are sure of how much of medical marijuana you are having, but cannabis edibles are often made with different strains and effects are hard to predict.

Things worth knowing

Note that the effects of edibles may take about an hour to set in on a full stomach, and sometimes, this time could be longer. Always source your edibles from a dispensary or store you can trust, and don’t forget to check the label for dosage. Note that it is always better to go slow on cannabis, especially with edibles as the effects become apparent after a much longer period.

Also, don’t consume edibles that are too high on THC content. The effects may last longer, and you shouldn’t be doing any physical work for at least a few hours.

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