Baby Teething Vomiting and Other Symptoms That May Arise

Having a teething baby is a joyful milestone in their development process. However, teething does come with some symptoms that are not all joyful. You would not think that teething and vomiting can go together, but they do. It does not always happen in every kid, but it is a possibility. There are also other symptoms ranging from crying to having a high-grade fever.


Teething and vomiting are one of the more controversial topics for babies. Many parents and doctors do believe that vomiting is attributed to an underlining condition in the child. For example, vomiting could be coming from if they happened to have stomach flu and the parent was saying that the fever that they had was coming from teething. The fever could have been coming from just having the stomach flu, causing arguments between parents and doctors. If your child does vomit, make sure to keep them hydrated and if it last for more than 24 hours, go see your local doctor because it could be an underlining condition.


Teething and irritability are one of the more common signs of teething. Your child will start crying and showing signs of being in destress and it is a good thing to just love on them. They are still learning how to deal with the pain and the only way they know is to cry about it. Your child is going to also become less likely to be able to sleep some nights from being irritable from their mouth.


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Fever is also a quite common symptom of the teething process. Your child’s body will become warm, but this is nothing to get too worried about. It’s very normal for when the body to devolve a small fever from the gum lining breaking open to push a tooth through. If, however, the fever does become high grade that can not be broken by common house medicine then it is a good idea to go see your local doctor. High grade fever can mean that your child could have developed an infection or some type of flu.

Drool and Mouth Rash

Drooling and a mouth rash are also good indicators of teething. Your baby will start putting their hands and anything they can grab into their mouths to try to comfort the pain of teething. In result of this your child with have an increased amount of drool coming out of their mouth. The increased amount of drool will most likely result in developing a mouth rash. This just happens from the area staying wet and getting rubbed a lot.

Ear Pulling

Pulling of the ears is also a sign of teething, but this can offer be mistaken for having an ear infection. The nose, throat, and mouth are all a connection system with each other. Pain from your baby teething can spread all the way to his ears from your baby’s gums. They will start pulling on their ears to try to coop with the pain. Household children’s medicine can help take some of the ear and gum pain away.

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