Having A Tough Time With Insomnia? Akuamma May Help!

Akuamma is a tropical tree, which is found all across the Ivory Coast. Much like kratom, Akuamma has gain popularity in recent years, because of its alkaloid profile. There are varied alkaloids in akuamma, but the two most potent ones are pericine and akuammine. It is often used for sleeping better and inducing a sense of wellbeing. In this post, we are discussing more on akuamma.

Is akuamma similar to kratom?

Yes, akuamma has many things in common with kratom, especially with the effects. Is it better than kratom? Well, it depends on the user. There are some people who do prefer kratom, because the effects are stronger and last longer, but akuamma is great for users who want mild effects and want a light mood-enhancing product. Akuamma is also easy to access and legal in most countries, so buying it is definitely easier.

How much of akuamma to take?

The basic dosage of akuamma is between two and four grams for new users. If you are new to akuamma and have never tried kratom or other supplements before, start with something as small as one gram. It is also wise to get a digital scale at home, so that you can precise with your dosage. Akuamma is bitter in taste, so you may want to use some sweetener. Many people do like goji-berries, but it’s more of a personal choice. The akuamma powder you get in the market comes from the seeds, which have been ground to get the powder. You can brew an herbal tea that includes both akuamma and kratom, for a more synergized effect.

Who can consider using akuamma?

If you don’t like kratom, or want an alternative to that, akuamma is definitely milder. It is best suited for those who have severe stress in life, or insomnia. Akuamma is great for sleeping better, and you can expect the full effects to set in within an hour. Take it in the right dosage before bedtime, and you can sleep peacefully, without any side effects. Akuamma is milder than many herbal products meant to promote good sleep.

Final words

Akuamma is available online from many brands, and that’s the easiest way to access it. Just make sure that you select a brand that’s reliable, known and sources its herbs and products from the right places. Use akuamma in low doses to know how it affects your body, and you can adjust accordingly.

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