Ten Good Reasons Why Disposable Vaping is For You

  1. Starting Point to Give up Smoking

The disposable vape device is a great place to start when you decide to give up smoking using vaping as a form of nicotine replacement therapy; the health benefits of taking on this difficult task are numerous and can impact the user almost immediately.

  1. Low Cost

Disposable vapes are relatively cheap compared to both traditional forms of Tobacco or more involved vape devices. An excellent disposable vape device such as the Geek Bar disposable pod costs around five UK pounds, considerably less than a standard packet of cigarettes.

  1. Ease of Use

Being an all-in-one device containing everything needed to commence vaping straight away, it’s easy to get on with, uncomplicated and has no switches or dials, so you can begin using it as soon as it leaves the box.

  1. Discreet and Compact

Small in design (105mm x 23.2mm x 14.3mm), it fits easily in jacket pockets or handbags to be carried with ease; a disposable vape is a great option for those with busy schedules or those who are travelling light.

  1. No Mess Refilling

The disposable vape devices are sealed units pre-filled with e-liquid, so there’s no need to have to deal with the sometimes-messy task of refilling your vape device; most seasoned vapers will have the odd tale of refills gone west.

  1. Great Travel Option

For those travelling on holiday or for business, the disposable vape is an excellent answer as the user doesn’t have to carry all the accompanying chargers or spare batteries. Travel restrictions concerning vape devices vary from area to area, so it is always good to check where you are.

  1. Good Backup for Seasoned Vapers

The disposable vape is an excellent standby device for those vapers who have a larger vape such as a Vape Pod or Vape Mod; carrying a disposable alleviates any worries about low levels of either charge or e-liquid.

  1. Available in Different Flavours

Most disposable vapes are manufactured in numerous different flavours to choose from, giving vapers a range to try out and find their favourite taste.

  1. Consistent Results

The disposable vape is a sealed, pre-filled unit; it gives a consistent excellent taste from beginning to end; all vapers will have a tale to tell about their device when its coil has passed its ‘sell by’ and needs changing.

  1. Double the Bang for Your Buck

A disposable vape device such as the Geek Bar gives a minimum of 600 puffs which is around forty cigarettes, ignoring the enormous health benefits, the maths speaks for themselves.

There we have it; the disposable vape has many good characteristics which appeal to both those new to vaping looking for a starting point or to the seasoned vaper’s who are looking to back up their regular machine. Good examples of an excellent disposable vape are, as mentioned, the Geek Bar, SMOK’s Mbar disposable or the ELF Bar – give one a try!!

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