Understanding the Mechanics of Promoting Your Small Business to Toddlers

Marketing your business to kids is trickier than trying to get their parents to notice you. If you think you only need to convince the parents to purchase a product from your store, then you’re doing your company a disservice. Children play a huge role in the buying decisions that their parents make. After all, parents want to make sure that their kids will love the toys, clothes, and accessories they buy them, right? Thanks to social media, children-oriented businesses have never been as popular and competitive as they are right now.

It’s not only retail, too. Even service-based businesses and professions that cater to children need to up their marketing game. If you are a pediatric dentist, you have to find creative ways to convince your little patients that you’re the right dentist for them. Whether it’s giving away coupons for a kiddie indoor playground every time they visit or styling your reception area like the insides of a candy jar, dentists and pediatricians are looking for ways to be different from their competitors.

Don’t Undermine Them

Don’t shrug these kids off. They are more powerful than you think. Some of them have Facebook and Instagram profiles already. Some of them are kiddie influencers, earning millions of dollars because of their informative and fun videos on YouTube. You can never underestimate your market even though you’re older and much learned than them. Their parents listen to what they want and not what you’re selling. Remember that.

Appeal to Their Interests

Know what kids want. If you’re going to be in this business, you have to understand their mindset. They don’t get as much pressured by their peers as adults, but they do experience some form of peer pressure, too. This means that you have to show that other kids are enjoying your products. The fear of missing out (FOMO) method also works on kids. But you have to mind their ages, too. Kids ages eight to 10 are looking for things that are fun and entertaining. They have their own opinions about the ads they see on TV. And, they understand and retain more information than their parents.

Get Their Attention

Go where kids spend their time. These are indoor and outdoor playgrounds, malls, toy stores, bookstores, community centers, preschools, daycarecenters, and many more. Advertise there. You have to go out there to see what kids are up to these days. What do they spend their time on? You have to think about the way you package the items, too. Children like bright colors, fun images, animation, and catchy tunes. Communicate your message in a way that will resonate with children.

Promoting your business or profession to kids is a little bit more challenging, but you can’t deny how fun it is. Not only will it make you think of your own happy childhood, but it also pushes you to get in touch with your inner child. Focus on that. Think of yourself as your very own target market. What would you have wanted back when you’re a kid yourself?

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