Why So Many People Are Coming to Thailand for Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Actually, there are many reasons why so many US and European citizens are choosing Thailand for cosmetic dental treatment, which we will examine in this article. One would think that flying halfway across the world to have dental treatment would be a little extravagant, yet when you look at the low costs, it actually makes perfect sense.

The Best Clinics

It is no coincidence that Bangkok hosts some of the best cosmetic dental clinics in the world, and just like Turkey is the place to go for hair transplant, Thailand is the go-to destination for treatments such as dental implants and porcelain veneers. Fortunately, finding a top class cosmetic dental surgery in Thailand is not an issue, especially when you use Google, and after some careful browsing, you can narrow it down to 2 or 3 clinics.

Very Favourable Costs

The number one reason why Europeans and Americans flock to Bangkok for their cosmetic dental treatment is the very low costs, and when compared to the West, you can have 5-star treatment at a fraction of the cost in a developed country. Why is this? Well, for a start, the cost of living is very low in Thailand, and land prices are much cheaper than in a developed country, so the best equipped clinic in Bangkok would cost little to run when compared to, say London or New York. Thailand has long been a hub for medical services, and when you consider that you can also take a holiday in a tropical paradise at the same time as having your dental treatment, it makes for a very attractive proposition.

Cutting Edge Technology

One of the reasons that top dental experts live and work in Bangkok is the very high level of technology to be found in the clinics, and like any professional, cosmetic dentists like to have the very best equipment. You shouldn’t blindly accept that Bangkok clinics offer a 5-star service, check out the many positive online reviews that confirm the fact that Bangkok is the best place to have cosmetic dentistry carried out.

Dental Implants

Without a doubt the most popular dental treatment in Bangkok is dental implants, which offer a permanent solution to missing teeth. A retired person, for example, might be fed up with wearing dentures and would rather invest in a complete set of dental implants, which provides a permanent solution, as the implants cannot be removed and can be cared for as regular teeth. If the implants are fitted by an expert, there’s little that can go wrong and you can expect to enjoy many years of trouble-free living.

Porcelain Veneers

Another very popular treatment, porcelain veneers can treat several conditions, including discoloured or crooked teeth, slight gaps between the teeth and teeth of varying lengths. Such is the development in cosmetic dentistry, everyone can afford to improve their smile, and by visiting a top Bangkok clinic, you can also experience the wonders of Thailand.

Currency exchanges are very favourable now, which makes your holiday even more attractive, so if you would like to have some dental work carried out, come to Bangkok and you certainly won’t be disappointed.


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