Dr. Tiziano Scarabelli: Specialist in Cardiac Oncology

Dr. Tiziano Scarabelli Brings Our Hearts To Mind In His Academic and Professional Pursuits

This medical professional is a board-certified internal medicine doctor with specialties in both cardiology and cardio-oncology. In other words, he’s a heart doctor that has the hearts of his community in mind. Heart Health Month has recently passed, so a highlight of this all-important branch of medicine brings it further into the year. A prolific contributor to various articles and journals on cardiology as well as other subjects, Dr. Tiziano Scarabelli is no stranger to a full plate in both professional and academic work in his heart-healthy specialty areas.

What Is Cardiac Oncology

Shining a light on cardiac oncology lends insight to a field of medicine that has been overlooked for decades. Firstly, exactly what is cardiac oncology and how is it relevant to the masses? With a cursory glance at the term, one may think that cardio-oncology involves cancer of the heart. It does not, rather it involves how cancer treatment can adversely affect the heart.

According to the National Library of Medicine and the National Center for Biotechnology Information, cardio-oncology is a sub-specialty of cardiology that concerns the detection, monitoring, and treatment of particular cardiovascular diseases that are either the result of chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy. Unfortunately, both of these cancer treatments lead to between 5 to 15 percent of cancer morbidity and mortality. Moreover, these cancer treatments often cause cardiac dysfunction.

Dr. Tiziano Scarabelli says that as a result of its importance, the community at large is fortunate to have such a learned scholar and professional on the job.

Important Factors Involved in Cardio-Oncology

The article goes on to reinforce the need for proper assessment and monitoring of various biomarkers to assist in early identification and appropriate responses to potential cardiotoxicity.

The most important factor in the presence of cardiotoxicity is at what time and at what stage do the cardiac treatments and medication begin to inform dysfunction reversal. This question becomes relevant after the termination of cancer treatment. The research emphasizes all of the advanced adverse mechanisms at play that cause heart disease and failure.

What Are The Indications of Cardiac-Oncology For Patients

With cancer being the number two killer and heart disease being the number one killer in America, cardiac oncology is extremely important. It is a matter of understanding whether the treatment is important enough to cause the need for a potentially toxic situation. The ramifications of the field are vast and complex.

What Has Dr. Tiziano Scarabelli Brought to His Field of Expertise

The good doctor has written several articles and performs ongoing research in addition to his duties as a cardiologist.

Since 2003, Dr. Tiziano Scarabelli has conducted research at St. John Hospital and Medical Center. There he has established the Center For Heart & Vessel Pre-clinical Studies. He is the Director of the program.

More recently, he has been in charge of cardiac oncology services at Virginia Commonwealth University. In addition, he worked at the University of Alabama Birmingham, where he established the cardiac oncology service unit. Thankfully,  Dr. Tiziano Scarabelli continues to be a leader in this field.

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