Have You Ever Heard of A Hemp Pharmacy?

 If you’ve never heard of a hemp pharmacy before, you’re definitely in the majority. Despite the proliferation of cannabis in so many parts of the US, hemp pharmacies haven’t been springing up the way that dispensaries have. However, one Hemp Pharmacy in Huntington Beach CA, Hempeutics Pharmacy, is pioneering a new kind of healthcare; one that has nothing to do with pharmaceutical medications.

What Does a Hemp Pharmacy Do?

For many people, pharmacies aren’t just places to pick up their prescriptions or browse through over-the-counter remedies. Depending on where they live and who their pharmacist is, this is a place to go for counsel about everything from aches and pains to mysterious rashes.

A hemp pharmacy leans on this new definition of pharmacy by offering a more well-rounded idea of wellness. Except this kind of pharmacist doesn’t work with the standard synthetic drugs we’re used to seeing. People turn to the pharmacist for derivatives of hemp and other natural plants to promote their health.

What Do Hemp Pharmacies Offer?

To put it simply, custom CBD formulations designed to target ailments for individual customer needs.

While CBD is the primary ingredient, Pharmacists will often utilize other plants recognized for their medicinal benefits (like essential oils). This is a holistic approach designed and operated by specialists who know their plants. Cannabinoids like CBD and CBG can be combined in a variety of ways to offer highly effective solutions to patients. And they can be targeted based on specific complaints.

Why Are Hemp Pharmacies So Rare?

True hemp pharmacies need to bear the clinical health insight of a licensed and board-certified pharmacist. These are experts that spend years studying anatomy and how different elements react with the human body.

Why Work with a Hemp Pharmacy?

At Hemp Pharmacies, people can find custom solutions that are designed for their individual needs. The Pharmacists will consider not just the specific ailments of each patient but also what they consider health to be in a broader sense of the word.

Customers come to expect personal consultations that discuss their wellness goals so they can devise a logical plan that will lead them through step by step. It’s been a viable alternative for people who want to manage anything from physical pain to general anxiety, and one that doesn’t rely on the mood-altering effects of THC to do so.


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