Reviewing The Role And Relevance Of Medical Assistants

The healthcare sector employs professionals in diverse fields, and no role is bigger than the other. For instance, when it comes to managing a clinic, the supporting staff are as important as the physician himself, so that patients get the best possible care and attention. If you want to become a medical assistant and are looking for courses, it is first important to understand the career graph and role of the profession.

A normal day for medical assistants

All medical assistants are required to balance both administrative and clinical tasks, although roles are often very specific in some cases. Administrative tasks including greeting and prepping patients for appointments, managing appointments, answering calls and emails, updating health records, filing insurance related documents, verifying insurance, and so on. A Medical Assistant program also preps professionals for clinical tasks, assisting nurses and physicians, doing basic tests, checking vitals, sterilizing equipment, drawing blood, removing sutures, dressing wounds, using equipment like X-ray machines, and helping with medical administration where needed.

Note that day-to-day tasks of MAs can vary considerably, and it depends on the job.

Earnings and more

The average salary of MAs is $15.27 per hour. Some states pay more than others. New York has the best salaries for medical assistants. The good news is this is a role in constant demand. The career outlook is outstanding to say the least, and if the current pandemic is any indicator, chances are high that the need for allied medical professionals will only increase beyond what has been predicted so far. As of 2018, MAs had the average salary of $34,540.

Is this career for you?

While you can start working immediately after studying for a year or two, the role of medical assistant can be demanding at times, but equally satisfying too. You can expect to work directly with patients, so there is a sense of amazing achievement each day, and no two days at work would be the same. Some MA jobs do have the standard 9-to-5 routine, but it doesn’t have to be the same for everyone. Be ready for a role, where you may be called to office for emergency needs, just like a doctor or nurse.

There are many schools that offer medical assistant programs, and you can check online to find all the relevant details. Make sure that the program is accredited and select a known school for your training.

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