More Marijuana Weight Loss Evidence Through THCA-A

We know that marijuana can affect our appetite and digestion but you might be interested to know that marijuana can also have an overwhelming effect on weight loss and weight control. Many doctors remain committed to studying the nature of cannabis products and developing research mechanisms for cannabinoids within marijuana.

One of the compounds that is studied for metabolism and weight is THCA-A. This is a compelling compound that can be particularly powerful for weight management and metabolism improvements. On the basics of marijuana and weight loss there are a number of interesting findings:

Regular marijuana users are less likely to be obese when compared to non-marijuana users. Marijuana users can consume more calories per day but with a reduced body mass index and lower glucose levels. As a result of some of these findings, scientists are theorizing that marijuana could boost metabolism based on its ability to interact with the Endocannabinoid system.

As well as providing evidence towards improving metabolism and reducing the rate of conditions like diabetes by monitoring insulin levels, marijuana users are also exhibiting better heart health with lower levels of LDL cholesterol. Regular marijuana users have lower levels of triglycerides when combined with nonusers and this all goes beyond traditional THC. One of the compounds that is being considered for weight loss evidence is THCA-A.

In recent laboratory studies, THCA-A was shown to block weight gain in laboratory mice. This is a compound that was responsible for regulating blood pressure, body fat, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. It is a compound that is also regularly present in many strains of marijuana and readily available for most people that would consume marijuana.

If you are interested in losing weight you might want to consider the option to use cannabis products to improve your progress and help you regulate weight in the future.

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