Ordering Medical Marijuana In Florida: Facts And Aspects Worth Knowing

Florida approved of medical marijuana in 2016. The state always had a tough stance on cannabis, but if you have a valid medical marijuana card, you can order easily from a licensed dispensary. Many dispensaries have the option of marijuana delivery in Florida, for which you also need to have a valid state ID, besides your MMC. If you are suffering from any debilitating medical condition, your doctor can make a recommendation for marijuana use, based on which you can get your card. Note that you cannot grow cannabis at home for medical purposes in the state, so you have to buy from a local, licensed dispensary.

What to buy?

It depends on your experience with cannabis and your physician’s recommendations. Dispensaries have all kinds of products, starting from vaping items and pre-rolls, to flower, drops, capsules, syringes, and topicals. Edibles are also popular among some medical cannabis users. Keep in mind that smoking or vaping cannabis, or using tinctures, produces an instant effect, but that’s not the case with edibles. With edibles, you have to be a tad more careful, because the effects only set in an hour later, but you can expect the cannabis “high” to linger for hours, often for as much as 10 hours.

Knowing cannabis strains

There are three basic and broad categories of cannabis strains – Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids. Most strains that are available in the state and in the US are hybrids between Indica and sativa strains, where one can be more dominant than the other. Your doctor may recommend certain strains, but the budtenders at the dispensary can also help you choose, depending on the experience or relief you want. For example, Indica-dominant strains are best for relaxing and sleeping better, while sativa strains help a patient in focusing and concentrating more.

CBD and THC are two compounds that are worth knowing about. CBD is known for its therapeutic effects, like pain relief, while THC is the one that causes the “high”. Cannabis contains over a hundred different chemical compounds called cannabinoids, of which only THC produces that “high” we just mentioned.

Finding a dispensary

Marijuana dispensaries in Florida will deliver in most parts of the state, and you have to place an order in advance, based on your prescription/doctor’s recommendation. Payments can be made online, and you can choose from a wide variety of products, including topicals that are best suited for pain relief.

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