Disposable Scrub Caps: An Indispensable Part of the Medical Industry

One of the greatest challenges faced by healthcare and medical professionals is preventing the spread of microbes and infections within the hospital or medical centre. This necessitates adherence to stringent protocols to prevent patient to patient or patient to healthcare professional transmission of bacteria and viruses. Use of protective gear when coming in contact with patients and use of disinfectants are among the more basic guidelines followed by medical professionals the world over. These, albeit basic are also among the most effective when it comes to minimising the risk of such infections. The most important among these, is the use of the disposable surgical caps. These will always be a necessity in hospitals and medical institutions given the germs in the environment. Most of the professionals own their individual scrubs but the hospital needs disposable one for patients and visitors to the establishment.

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Disposable scrubs

Disposable scrubs are the preferred choice by both doctors and by medical facilities and hospitals across the world. It is a cost-effective option and is also great for preventing nosocomial infections. Fabric scrubs are reusable but the effort and time that goes into disinfecting and washing them seems wasteful, particularly when disposable scrubs of spunbonded meltblown spunbonded (SMS) or other durable material are readily available. Also, with time, repeated washes and wear and tear, the fabric of reusable scrubs is damaged, offering little protection. The hair of medical personnel, doctors, and even patients tend to collect more contaminants because unlike the hands they are not easily washed multiple times a day. This makes it all the more important to use disposable surgical caps and scrub caps.

In cases where the sterility of the environment is of utmost importance such as in an ICU setup, or in an operation theatre, or even in a clean room, it is imperative that single use scrub caps be used. They may be paired up with disinfected reusable scrubs or with matching single use scrubs. In fact, most research setups and pathological labs emphasise the use disposable scrubs to minimise the risk of contamination.

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